My Commissions

My watercolor portrait commissions make strong, original, figurative works. I apply my paint with a free and loose selection of color, to allow an emotional edge or mood to emerge, and a fresh representation. I will work with photographs that I have taken of you, or your own personal favorites. People will sometimes provide me with vintage family snapshots of loved ones, including their pets.

All portraits are created using artists’ quality watercolors on acid-free watercolor paper. Proper matting and framing of your watercolor is the most important step in protecting it from damage. Matting not only makes the framed artwork  more attractive, but it also serves as a spacer between the glass and the surface of the watercolor paper.

I can paint any size portrait you desire, but 7″ width and/or height is the smallest dimension I can render for you. We can discuss matting and framing options. I can paint images that will frame easily with readily available standard-sized frames found in any local craft store:

7″ x 10″ image size, then mat with 2″ matting on all sides for standard 11″ x 14″ framing

10″ x 14″ image size, then mat with 3″ matting on all sides for standard 16″ x 20″framing

12″ x 16″ image size,  then mat with 2″ matting on all sides for standard 16″ x 20″ framing

Please contact me with your interest. We will discuss all aspects of your portrait, including painting size, figures alone or in a group, painting technique, and impressionistic background, including color. Fees are quoted privately, and on an individual basis.


I also accept commissions for painting dwellings and residences.