While I was looking for inspiration for a portrait this past autumn, I realized that EVERYONE around me was looking down at their phones. I guess that was inspiration enough, and it’s what guided me for this painting.

Image size: 15 x 22 inches

Matted: yes (matted size 21 x 28 inches), in white

Availability: private collection

6 Responses to ““Messages””

  1. joani1

    Love the light that you’ve captured – another fabulous portrait! I like the way you take the ordinary and turn it into extraordinary!

    • terryfreemark

      Thanks for your comments, Joani. Everyone is always looking at their phones these days. They actually make perfect models for people like me!

  2. Sherry Schmidt

    Exactly right on such a timely subject. And as always you’ve painted this beautifully! I can imagine the difficulty with his head angled down…just perfect Terry.

  3. Lorraine Brown

    A work of art for an everyday picture. Love how well you paint hands


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