At the racetrack, I find so many moments of inspiration. In the paddock, as the horses come around the bend, at the finish line – a look on someone’s face tells a multitude of stories, and never ceases to inspire me.

Image size: 11 x 15 inches

Matted: yes (matted size 16 x 20 inches), in white

Availability: contact me for details

6 Responses to ““Watchful””

  1. joani1

    Love this, Terry – the textures of the cloth, hair and skin, the intensity of the eye (with such a tiny shape to indicate such) and the interesting composition!

    • terryfreemark

      Thank you, Lorraine. The time to paint these portraits varies. The drawing goes quickly, but painting can be anywhere from 8 – 24 hours (spread out, of course, not straight through!)


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