“White Bonnet”

Inspiration from an old sepia/gray family photo. The colors and pigments I used to execute this portrait – quite arbitrary. I had fun with adding some lost and found edges. The lighting, from front and above, added challenges but also opportunities to add interest.

Size: 11 x 13 inches

Matted: yes (matted size 16 x 20 inches), in white

Purchase: contact me for details

9 Responses to ““White Bonnet””

  1. Lorraine Brown

    Wonderful Terry, particularly the eyes, perfect colour choices

  2. Sherry Schmidt

    Stunning piece Terry! Her dark hair and the light fabric are the perfect frame for her lovely face. Looks like you had fun with this one as well.

  3. joani1

    I love this, Terry, your soft selection of colors are so beautiful!! I have lots of old family sepia pics , too and love playing around with them – outstanding!


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