“Caledonia’s Son”

We visited Scotland last September, and happened to be there during the vote for Independence. The excitement was electric, and people were rallying everywhere we went. But especially in Glasgow, which is where I saw this man. The expression on his face, to me, seemed to embody all the hopes and dreams that were stirred in the country during our visit. As I painted him, I could hear the music in the streets, and feel the love of the land in his eyes.

Image size: 11 x 15 inches

Matted: yes (mat size 16 x 20 inches), in white

Purchase: contact me for details

6 Responses to ““Caledonia’s Son””

  1. Lorraine Brown

    Hi Terry, I was pleased to your post in my inbox as it has been a while, this piece though was worth the wait, captured emotion beuaituflly

  2. Joani

    Terry, been away but this is really wonderful – love the expression connection of the eyes and smile – really well done!


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