“Check, Please”

I loved how the light fell on this woman, and it was my goal to capture it. I was sitting at a cafe, not far from her, and it was a relaxing few sketches I drew, then a few snapshots for posterity, and then I worked on this final piece in my studio. Sort of an unconventional pose, with her hand partially hiding her face, but I really liked the movement and sense of place and moment this pose provided.

Image size: 11 x 14 inches

Matted: yes (matted size 16 x 20 inches), in white

Purchase: contact me for details

11 Responses to ““Check, Please””

  1. joani1

    I love the way you’re incorporating your portrait/figures now sometimes into a setting. This is wonderful!

  2. lorraine Brown

    Joani beat me to it, I was going to say exactly that, the addition of the subtle background elements good choice

  3. Sherry Schmidt

    Wow, she’s terrific Terry! Love that dark, sharp edge at her hand/hair. But my favorite thing is not seeing her face. I used to collect snapshots with that “take”.

  4. wynamt

    another wonderful painting Terry. Love the colors in the arms! I can almost feel attitude in your paintings! these are real people and such real situations! So very talented!


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