When you start a painting with an outstanding subject, how can you not make a beautiful work? This regal cat belongs to a friend who commissioned me to paint her pet. His fur and markings really make him magnificent, and I enjoyed creating his coat. In painting his eyes, I wanted to bring out their brilliance against the softness of his furry face. Glazing dark layers into the background helped add to Ralphie’s presence and personality.

Image size: 8 x 10 inches

Purchase: private collection

10 Responses to ““Ralphie””

  1. joani1

    I’m sure your friend is thrilled with the results. You’ve done a great job showing the layers of fur and I like the colors you’ve used.

  2. Lorraine Brown

    I have a fear of cats (only the domestic ones) Terry and have never painted one, I never comment or view paintings or pictures of them but how can I not comment on yours. Your fine portrait work skills are evident in this. I am sure that the owners could have been nothing short of thrilled.

  3. ruthsteinfatt

    Your art is stunning! I don’t do animals so I am always impressed when I see them done so beautifully. I really enjoyed my visit.. thanks

    • terryfreemark

      Thank you so very much, Ruth. I don’t do animals regularly, but this one was so much fun. I’m glad you stopped by here!

  4. Aymará

    Beautiful painting! The cat is really sweet, reminds me to my old cat, who died a couple of years ago ♥.
    Greetings, Terry 🙂


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