“Of Words and the Spaces Between”

These two elderly gentlemen were bantering with each other on a park bench. From afar, their conversation was both animated and amusing. There was enough continuous dialogue, and distance between them, to create both an interesting composition and a story. I painted freely with my pigment selection, and tried to “shapshot” this moment.

Image size: 8 x 15 inches

Matted: yes (matted size 16 x 20 inches), in white

Purchase: contact me for details

6 Responses to ““Of Words and the Spaces Between””

  1. Sherry Schmidt

    Terry, these guys are wonderful! You’re just great at getting these “snapshots”. Love the stripes. For some reason the title reminded me of this Miles Davis quote, “I always listen to what I can leave out.” 🙂

  2. Lorraine Brown

    I can appreciate your skill you have honed with your portrait work Terry as today I tried one. Your hand is delicate where needed and your ability to tell the story puts you in the top league


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