Two women clearly enjoying each others’ company provided all the inspiration I needed to render a painting of them. The texture of their hair and skin offered a wonderful contrast to the heaviness of their garb and bodies. A fun endeavor.

Image size: 15 x 11 inches

Matted: yes, (matted size 20 x 16 inches), in white

Purchase: contact me for details

6 Responses to ““Girlfriends””

  1. joani1

    Terry, I’ve been having some trouble with my password here, but I try once again. This is really great – there is such a candor that emanates. Your portraits are just outstanding!

    • terryfreemark

      Thanks so much, Joani. I wasn’t sure about this one, but when I changed the woman on the left’s dress from green to more red hues, everything came together.Glad your password is working!

  2. wynamt

    Wow Terry! What great colors you have here! The hair on both women is just SO interesting! Love the eyes on the woman on the right! NICE painting!

    • terryfreemark

      Thanks, Wyna. It’s funny how some parts of people are easier to paint than other parts. Hair, for me, comes easy for some reason. I think I got a good tension between the two friends.


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