“Prairie Pickings”

I received notice about a call for art at the Hudson Valley Seed Library. I had never heard of this organization, but I liked their philosophy that art and gardening belonged together. Every year the Library, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, creates a seed pack, and submits it to the Philadelphia Flower Show, based upon the show’s theme. This year’s theme is ARTiculture Blooms, and the seed pack will be a prairie seed mix of the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow – red cosmos, yellow wild sunflowers, and blue coneflowers. It is up to the artist entrants to submit their interpretation of the concept. This is my entry – inspired by a photo I took of a dog, and my love of gardening. Entrants will not hear the results til the end of the year, but nine will be chosen to be sent to the Flower Show in March, 2014, with one work chosen to be on the cover of this year’s seed pack. Fun!

Update:  I just heard today (October 20) that my entry was one of ten that was selected to be featured in the exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show!! Yay!!

Image size: 8 x 8 inches

Matted: not yet!

Purchase: not for sale

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