“Day Without Sun”

Day Without Sun

Working in the operating room entails long hours, and sometimes under great duress. In painting this view from the other side of the sterile drape, I tried to impart the fervent engagement of the surgeon. The bright lights, while yielding little to no shadow, bring clarity to the working field. The blue and green shades in the operating room environment played in perfect complement to the skin tones as I painted, and so the story unfolded.

Image size: 15 x 19 inches

Matted: yes (matted size 20 x 25 inches), in white

Purchase: Private collection

4 Responses to ““Day Without Sun””

  1. Connie Ellsbury

    It’s a master, Terry! Prob my Favorite of all your paintings to date. Like your crop choice. Will hospital buy it & hang it on their walls? Another great job 🎈

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